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"There is poignant beauty in an expiration date on the physical plane that continues to comfort the human experience. Brooklyn-based artist Elly Kace explores this ideology and crafts a ceremonious piece from a point in grief to a grand, cinematic soundtrack of living to the fullest on the latest single and video for “Built to Die” premiering today on GUM."

Girl Underground Mag

"Her innate vocal talent is exotic and remarkable, effortlessly navigating her harmonious spectrum at will and with emotional affect."

The Wild is Calling

'Disappear' is a meditation on contrast, crafting soundscapes filled with both dense darkness and dazzling light."

Under the Radar

Kace, who's a renowned opera singer, eases out words as if she's about to open a curtain and you're going to be terrified. But what unfolds is a densely layered Kace choir that recalls Björk and Julia Holter: "Isn't it nice?" The curtain closes again, but not for long. It reopens and for more than 2 minutes we're treated to glistening, cascading voices: for each one that disappears, another arrives in its place.

The Essfo

On Nothing I see means anything, shrill buzzes, wobbling tones, and gently pulsing major chords build a trajectory that is pleasantly disorienting. While hazy synths conjure imagery that’s ethereal and crystalline, a sudden spatialized effect can abruptly reorient the listener’s frame, catapulting them from one corner of the space to another. With tracks running the gamut from pop-y new music to new music-y pop, Nothing I see means anything questions the connection between voice, body, and spirituality.

I care if you listen

Kace explores emotive art pop, recalling Kate Bush’s ethereal vocal stylings and contemplative lyricism. Insistent synth percussion drives the song forward, while Kace conjures layers of soaring celestial vocals, enlacing into a dense maze of melody. Kace navigates through this maze, with her lyrics searching for healing, absolution, and safety. 

Under the Radar

Blending her musical knowledge with her fierce spiritual intentions, Kace has created a piece of art that serves as a medium for catharsis and regeneration. Its emotive, ambient sound is reminiscent of a hybrid between Sigur Rós and CocoRosie.

Glasse Factory

‘I’ softly opens with a tender breeze of delicate, almost ambient, tones. The lightness of the melody dusts over our senses and has your muscles relaxing into it. The melody continues the delicate tones like a calm dawn with a slight chill to the air that has you feeling that the day will be great. While tender and light, the music does have a forward movement that leads you to a glitter of tones later in the track. This cascade of twinkling tones lifts your spirit and has you floating through the soundscape.

The Other Side

We find a thoroughly engaging musician who has just taken the brave step of moving into the pop realm – and she certainly defies all the odds stacked against her – with a truly mesmerizing performance that puts you into a transformative state of new-found awareness.

A&R Factory

I can only imagine this is what the inside of Van Gogh’s Starry Night sounds like.

Unheard Gems

A musical medicine woman sent from the heavens. 

The unhinged melody cultivates into indigenous chants of primitive expression, Elly reaches deep within her animalistic musical instincts, conjuring rain songs from a distant past, tapping into her innate musical self.  

The Wild is Calling

With a dreamy ambience and comforting lyrics detailing having to deal with a hard time, “Are You Ready?” by Elly Kace feels like an existential crisis wrapped in a hug. The production of this song goes so perfectly with the subject matter. The pulsing bell throughout the song reminds me of a heartbeat, and drawn-out synths make it feel like the song is breathing. 

Two Story Melody

Kace’s acrobatic vocals effortlessly instill a sense of peace and ambition through words of affirmation and positivity, blanketed over a pool of captivating and angelic instrumentation.

Dusty Organ

Brooklyn-based Elly Kace chills the soul and enlightens the mind on new single Are You Ready?. Amongst pop connotations and beautifully realised layers, the track unleashes a sense of serenity and wonder that is wonderful to behold. The intermittently layered vocals cause you to sit up and take in everything that surrounds them as the lofi indie electronica sound creeps forward in a seductive way. 

Vinyl Chapters

Some of the backing vocal work here is highly uncommon and pleasantly unique. From imitating bits of the piano melody to chanting, the vocals are filled with fun intricacies. Kace’s lead vocals are phenomenal and learning that she was once an opera singer is no surprise given her remarkable range. There are parts that sound like an entire chorus singing but it is in fact just a multi-layered Kace in all her glory. 

Two Story Melody 

Pure showmanship is the best way to describe “Bless.” Kace displays immense amounts of professionalism and experience but never shows off. Despite her avant-garde approach, Kace has a clear direction and a sound that is almost incomparable. “Bless” is easily one of my favorite songs released in 2021, an opinion I wasn’t expecting to form before listening to Kace’s music for the first. 

Two Story Melody

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